Tel Aviv based creative studio and marketing agency MODUS, and AR-VR\3D studio NXLS present: CLUB SOMNIO - an immersive nightlife MMO in VRChat - Walk around a virtual nightclub with your avatar of choice, interact with other people, dance to music curated by international DJs, explore, play games and even join others in shameless karaoke!

SOMNIO was born out of a need to further explore the possibilities of remote-clubbing during the Coronavirus epidemic. With many DJs, labels, and clubs around the world raising funds, awareness and keeping up morale through live streaming on social media platforms – we felt there could also be a more immersive, more interactive way to bring people together as (virtual) bodies in a (virtual) room.

We worked with Scan The City, also of Tel Aviv, on a 3D laser scan of a downtown Tel Aviv warehouse, where normally a rave would take place. We added far-out features, surreal upgrades, neon lighting, interactive objects, additional rooms and outdoor spaces, including a 360 view of The City of Tel Aviv, as well as music features in UNITY, uploaded the world into VRChat - and CLUB SOMIO was born.

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